Kenya Colour Run is the fundraising effort for Sports for Change, a local charity whose primary cause is to support disadvantaged but academically gifted youths by meeting their education fees and costs through high school , tertiary and university education.

Started eight years ago, SFC combines passion for sports with a desire to increase access to quality education for underprivileged youth.  The project aims at giving children from disadvantaged background a right to education and an opportunity to reach to their full potential.

Since 2009, the charity have helped more than 500 students indirectly by supporting their schools,renovating classes, donating books and 25 students directly by paying their secondary school fees. Two of our students have graduated with Hotel management diploma. Two of our  students are pursuing their career dreams in different colleges and one is in university.  We need you to join hands with us and be part of this great cause.

Our primary way of raising funds is through organizing fun sports event. Colour run is one of the best event we have organized so far. Our goal is to take it to another level and assist many disadvantaged youths as we have fun.

Success Story:  Elizabeth

Following the post-election violence in 2008, Elizabeth and her family were forced to move to Central Province for shelter, effectively becoming internally-displaced.  For Elizabeth, this meant her education was interrupted.  Her only option was to attend a day school as her family could not afford to send her a well-placed boarding school.  Recognizing her academic talent and her family’s need, SFC sponsored her to attend a secondary boarding school.  Her SFC sponsor encouraged her and promised to cover her university fees if she kept high marks. She did so well that, in September, she joined college to study medicine with the full support of her sponsor.

“Before Sports for Change, I used to ask myself, where else can I go? As in will my education continue?  I had planned to go to a day school as I had no other option.  Shiku and Sports for Change said that if I do well in my studies, they will sponsor me for university.  So I did it very well and I did it joyfully and they sponsored me.  In terms of academics and emotionally and social life, I’ve been learning a lot and been a beneficiary of Sports for Change.”

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